Getting Started

The Plus Six SDK provides basic remote-control functionality of clicking, text editing, signatures*, and scrolling, with little-to-no custom integration required. Just intialize the PlusSix object, and you'll have a basic touchless options for your users. Some advanced features like signatures require a small integration effort, outlined in the docs below. The Plus Six SDK has slight differences between platform-specific SDKs, but the goal is to provide a simple integration, with plenty of options for advanced use-cases if you need it.

What's inside the SDK?

The Plus Six system consists of 3 main components. We'll use the word kiosk to describe your touchscreen or system that Plus Six will be installed on.

QR Widget

All Plus Six SDKs add a persistent QR code Widget to your kiosk's screen. When a user scans the QR code with their mobile device, they're immediately connected to your screen via the web-based Touchpad. There's a good chance you'll want to adjust where and how it displays over the course of your own app's lifespan. In doing so, you might want to consider the current state of the Widget. Between the public API and event system, there are many ways to more deeply integrate the QR Widget into your app. The widget's default size is 148 x 168px, and its status bar helps the user understand whether they're connected, and how much time is left before their session times out.


A stylized virtual cursor will show up on the kiosk screen when a user connects to the QR Widget. At the same time, the Touchpad appears on their mobile device, allowing them to move the Pointer around the screen, click on objects, and lots more. Your touchscreen kiosk now temporarily follows the desktop paradigm, with a wireless "mouse" and keyboard. When the user session ends, the Pointer hides and waits for the next connection. As well, if another person scans the QR Widget, the previous user is kicked off, and the new user has control.


This shared, simple mobile UI turns the connected mobile borwser into a wireless trackpad and keyboard. Special components like a sginature pad will show up when the corresponding objects are focused on the kiosk screen.

Plus Six server

Our servers manage all of the connections between the kiosk and the Touchpad. All traffic is SSL-enabled by default, and nothing is stored on the server. We're simply passing commands between devices.

Install the SDK

Choose the appropriate SDK for your kiosk: