Plan pricing is based on customization and number of devices

Starter Kit
$5 per device, per month
This is our out-of-the-box option for customers who don't require dedicated support.
  1. API & Guide
  2. Email Support
  3. Plus Six branded UI
  4. Custom session redirect
  5. Single SDK
$10 per device, per month
Work with our team directly to identify and integrate solutions for your platforms.
  1. API & Guide
  2. Integration Support
  3. Feature Updates
  4. Branded UI
  5. Custom session redirect
  6. Multiple SDKs
Contact for Pricing
If you're looking for a custom solution that involves unique integration, function and/or features, we've got you covered.
  1. Custom Development
  2. Exclusive Features
  3. Dedicated Build Team
  4. Branded + Advanced UI
  5. Custom session redirect
  6. All SDKs

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