Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can make a subscription to use the service?

A: The brand or product that is adding Plus Six to their platform. End users, visitors, or customers are not required to subscribe (or download) anything to benefit from the touchless functionality.

Q: Do end users (customers) need to download an application or other software to go touchless with Plus Six?

A: No. However, we are working on an optional Plus Six app for consumers that will provide additional efficiency-focused features.

Q: Do my customers ever see Plus Six branding or UI?

A: It is optional, based on the plan you select. If you wish to absorb the Plus Six tool and functionality into your brand and native UI, the Pro and Custom plans support it.

Q: Is Plus Six secure?

A: Yes. All connections are SSL by default, and no personal identifiable information is collected.

Q: Does Plus Six handle customer merchant services?

A: No, if Plus Six is added to a merchant services system, common interactions take place after the payment is made, which may include signing and selecting tip amounts. Plus Six does not capture, collect or transmit any form of payment gateway information.

Q: Will someone from the Plus Six developer team help with integration?

A: Yes. Our Pro and Custom plans will provide your team with support during integration with your platform.

Q: How do consumers launch touchless features from their own device?

A: A branded QR code will be integrated with your device(s) along with a call-to-action that will instantly launch Plus Six touchless functionality.

Q: Can Plus Six be used outside of consumer facing touchscreen experiences?

A: Absolutely. The operating system tool was conceived by, and is being developed by Hovercraft, a leading brand experience design studio. The team sees ample opportunity to use this as a new platform within public space, to both offer hands off experiences that provide safer engagement, and also provide new ways to engage as the public experience world normalizes.